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New Win Publishing traces its roots as an academic publisher to D. Appleton & Company (Boston, 1813) which later became Appleton Century Crofts (New York). Aplleton Century Crofts was the American PUblisher of the two-volume New Century Dictionary and New Century Encyclopedia, the premier reference materials in the 19th century. In the 1970's, Appleton Century Crofts was sold to Meredith Publishing. Later, in 1974, Charles Wlather purchased the New Century division of Meredith in an early management buyout. In 1981, New Century acquired Follett Publishing and Winchester Press in1982. In 1990, Frank Gil purchased New Century Publishing and changed the company name to New Win Publishing Inc. In November 2003, Academic Learning Company LLC, from California acquired New Win Publishing Inc.'s assets and divided New Win Publishing into two divisions. Velázquez Press is the educational publishing division focused on publishing reference and educational books for schools. New Win Publishing has three imprints: Winchester Press, WBusiness Books, and Z Health Books. Winchester Press publishes outdoor, fishing, hunting and craft books.WBusiness Books publishes books of interest to the business community. ZHealth Books publishes health and diet books.

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